How to stay #fit while dining out

Ever worry that a meal out will totally derail your diet plan or that you won’t be able to find a healthy option? If you look hard enough you can always find something that is relatively healthy. Theres a few things to stick away from when trying to do so: Dishes made with cream or butter sauces Heavy carb dishes (pasta & pizza) Red meat (huge steak with a side of mashed potatoes & gravy – great #cheatday meal tho 😉 ) Caesar salad (just because it has lettuce on it doesn’t mean its healthy, the dressings and croutons add up!) Here are a few things to do: Fish dishes that are broiled or baked Substitute salad dressing for olive oil and vinegar on the side Ask for steamed veggies Skip the bread rolls (order a house salad instead) Ask for sauces on the side If you are having a #cheatday remember to pat down the grease on your pizza (saves 40 cals!!) Remember these easy, helpful next time you’re dinning out 🙂 xx, FF... read more

Post weekend blues

Feeling a little down after the weekend? Feeling like you’ve completely went off track and ruined all your progress? Well DON’T!!! The weekend is meant to indulge and go off your normal routine – we are college kids after all (so we all probably binge drank and are feeling a little bloated). After parents weekend I had many treatyoself meals, but I enjoyed every bite and had an awesome time with my parents. I am feeling even more motivated to get back to the gym and eat clean. Everything is okay in moderation and you all know I encourage the occasional #cheatday 🙂 Monday is the day to get back on track- here are a few tips Hydration is key, drink lots of water Eat lots of veggies and lean protein SWEAT- get that heart rate up Sleep- make sure you catch up on all those hours of zzzzz lost this weekend Surround yourself with positive people who will motivate you to stay on track 🙂   xx,... read more

Late Night Munchies

Ever find your self uncontrollably snacking at night?? Most people are able to stick pretty closely to their diet up until 8:00 pm-this is when they find themselves starving and are tempted to reach for the nearest thing in sight, which is usually processed, high-calorie, and most likely won’t actually fill you up. Here are a few great snack ideas that are guaranteed to keep you full and won’t derail your diet 🙂 Rice cake topped with: Peanut butter/ almond butter with sliced bananas One scoop of Greek yogurt with a spoonful of granola ¼ an avocado Greek yogurt (siggis/ fage – 0% fat) Banana/apple with one serving of peanut butter or almond butter Hummus with sliced veggies 2 hard boiled eggs Also, if you find your self craving chips, pretzels or other processed snacks put them in the 1/4 snack bags. Having them ready on hand will avoid the inevitable downfall of devouring the whole bag 🙈   xx,... read more

Water– Your New BFF

Some people jump right into their new diets, thinking that they need to make drastic changes, without realizing that some of the smallest adjustments have the biggest impact. So, let me introduce you to my good pal, H2O!!! In case you haven’t heard it already, you need about 1.9 liters of this bad boy a day. This would amount to around 4 or 5 water bottles throughout the day. Easy changes to get you to drink more water 🙂 switch out one soda/sugary drink a day  carry around a reusable bottle with you– not only are they good for the environment but they allow you to drink even more water add lemon or other fruit for flavor and a metabolism boost when ever you have a nagging craving, try drinking some water and, odds are, you probably were just dehydrated   xx, FF   ... read more

Myth about carbs

Many people think you have to cut out carbs completely from your diet to see results- I used to be one of these people, but quickly I realized all of the benefits of them. I’m not saying go eat a loaf of bread after you workout (lol) but it is important to refuel your body with nutritionally dense carbohydrates, not only do they give you energy but also keep you full & satisfied throughout the day! Here are just a few essential ones you should incorporate into your everyday diet: bananas oatmeal quinoa/ brown rice/ farro corn sweet potatoes (not just a plate of fries haha) sourdough or wheat bread legumes Your plate should have 1/4 carbs, 1/4 protein and 1/2 of the plate should be greens   xx, FF    ... read more


It’s safe to say that these have become my new obsession! They are so delicious and easy to make, there are also countless toppings and sauces you can top them with to hide the fact that you are actually eating a plate full of vegetables 🙈 Directions (serves 1): peel and wash one zucchini, then use your spiralizer to make it into noodle form pat down dry so when you cook them they don’t get soggy heat up pan with a little olive oil and garlic (medium heat) throw in your delicious zoodles 🙂 add in salt, pepper and garlic powder stir occasionally for about 10 minutes top with either pesto, olive oil, or marina sauce// add fresh veggies or protein for a little added flavor then ENJOY, you’ll be wanting to have this meal for breakfast (with a poached/ fried egg), lunch and dinner everyday !   xx,... read more

Breakfast under 250 calories

Are you either bored of your usual breakfast or looking for some low calories options? Here are just a few to get you started! 1/2 cup of quick oats with a serving of dry peanut butter (this only has 45 calories a serving vs. 190 calories a serving of peanut butter with added oils) // add in splenda, cinnamon, or honey for a little sweetness 2 eggs any style on a thin bagel (only has 110 calories vs. 370 of a normal bagel) greek yogurt topped with 1/2 serving of granola and 1/2 serving of dry peanut butter shake with 1 cup of almond milk, tbsp of peanut butter and your favorite veggies/fruits oatmeal pancakes!! yes pancakes // 1/2 cup of oats, mashed banana, splash or almond milk or water // top with greek yogurt, peanut butter or fruit slice of toast topped with greek yogurt, bananas, honey and granola  ( this is my favorite 🙂 ) Hope these inspire you & get you out of your breakfast funk !!     xx,... read more

Essentials for college

Not sure what to have handy in your dorm room to keep you on track? Below are a few essentials to always have 🙂 oatmeal almond milk greek yogurt granola hard boiled eggs veggies hummus fruit kind bars peanut butter all of these are great to have either to make a quick snack or a healthy breakfast (also half of these items you can steal from your dining hall)   xx,... read more