How to Stay Fit With a 9-5 Internship

Hi all! Ever feel like its impossible to keep up with your fitness & health goals while working a 9-5 job? I have some helpful tips to keep you on track 🙂   Personally, after working all day I never have enough energy to workout after, so I always plan my workouts in the morning! This way I start my day off feeling great and more likely to stick to my workout regiment, I’m not left dreading my workout when 5 o’clock rolls around. I made my workouts a little shorter so I don’t have to wake up so early. Instead of doing an hour workout I’ve cut it down to 45 minutes by taking less rest and by doing intervals. I find this type of training much more time effective and actually gets my heart rate up a lot faster; this type of training keeps you burning more calories throughout the day. Also a great workout to try if you’re in a time crunch are the Bikini Body Guides by Kayla Itsines, its a 28 minute circuit!   Pack lunch! By bringing your own lunch you are less likely to pick the unhealthy options that loom in the cafeteria and you can control your portion size. Also saving money $$$ Some easy, healthy lunch ideas: Salad with grilled chicken, or tuna fish with 1/4 cup of cheese, avocado, veggies and fruit (try to stay away from putting lots of nuts or dried fruits on it) drizzle olive oil & balsamic on-top Flatbread wrap (these are 100 calorie wraps) with turkey or grilled chicken, avocado, mustard, lettuce and tomato... read more

What To Eat When You’re Stressed

Feeling the burden of finals during week 10 and the urge to eat away that anxiety with maybe a cookie or 10 🙂 We’ve all been there but here are some foods to eat that are healthy and will kick that stress in the butt! Omega 3 fatty acids– can be found in salmon, nuts and avocado, they will boost your mood and give you lots of energy. Berries– they prevent the release of cortisol, which causes stress. Leafy greens– produces dopamine that helps you keep calm.   Vitamin D– get this through natural sunlight or by consuming milk, eggs or fish. Oatmeal– won’t cause your blood sugar to spike, which can lead to stress. Bananas– the natural sugars and potassium help fuel your brain and the magnesium improves sleep and reduces anxiety. Dark Chocolate– it releases endorphins similar to when you work out but you don’t have to move 😉 Hopefully these foods keep you sane! And when you feel the urge to reach for the sugary treat, remember, you’ll get an energy boost but then quickly crash and feel worse than you did before. xx,... read more

Staying Healthy During the Winter

Feel like everyone around you is catching a cold or the stomach bug?? Here are a few easy tips in order to stay healthy during the winter months. Boost your diet! Eat food high in vitamin C to boost your immune system- this includes fruits and veggies In addition to this eat lean meats like chicken, fish and beans Exercise regularly Regular aerobic exercise at least 4 times a week helps you from getting sick  It will also just lift your mood during the gloomy, cold weather Get tons of sleep Not getting enough sleep has a strenuous effect on your immune system It decreases the amount of white blood cells you have that help fight off infections Make a relaxing bedtime routine- like some sleepy time tea and your favorite TV show 🙂 Wash your hands as often as you can- in hot water Stay stress free try taking a hot yoga class once or twice a week carve out time for YOU maybe even meditate Lastly…. stay hydrated I hope all these easy tips keep you sick-free this winter! xx,... read more

Get Spring Break Ready

Everyone always wants to look and feel their best while rocking that new bikini over spring break. Not feeling quite as confident as you would like to- no problem! With some dedication and hard work in the next 2 months you’ll be able to flaunt that new bikini with complete confidence 🙂 First, you must set a goal (like you want to lose 5 pounds) then break it up into a more manageable, less scary number. Instead, set a goal of losing at least 1/2 a pound a week. An easy adjustment to make is to cut out all sugary drinks and really just stick to water. Hydration is key. Next, recruit a workout buddy, preferably someone else going on spring break who will be eequally motived as you. This will make you accountable to someone- because when you skip a workout you aren’t only letting down yourself, but also your friend. Make an upbeat playlist that gets you excited to workout Go window shopping– find your dream bathing suit that maybe you aren’t ready to wear yet, but is your end goal. Its great motivation and gives you something to strive for. Working out is a big factor in this- add just 5 minutes to your workout each day, even if it doesn’t sound like much by the end it will make a difference Lastly, nutrition is where you really need to change up your habits to see a difference. limit sweets/desserts to once a week as your treat snack smarter- don’t just grab whatever is convenient, pick something that is nutritional and will satisfy you like a... read more

Spice Up Your Morning with this Tasty Dish

Tired of fried eggs?? Eggs Shakshuka is the answer! This will definitely add a kick to your morning and is perfect for the cold weather as well 🙂 Recipe: cut up peppers, onions, tomatoes and garlic and throw into a deep sauce pan with a little bit of olive oil, cook until the onions are completely clear add any kind of canned tomato sauce, let this come to a boil (add hot sauce if you want an extra kick) take off heat and add 4 eggs (recipe for 2 people) pop it in the oven at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes finish it off with pepper, salt and grated parmesan cheese now time to enjoy 🙂 – I also recommend cutting toast into stripes and using them as dunkers to get every last bit of the sauce I hope this spices up your morning!! TGIF xx, FF  ... read more

Sticking to Your New Years Resolution

The New Year always has us reevaluating our selfs and what we can do different in the coming year. For a lot of us, we set goals for our health, fitness and nutrition but find it overwhelming where to even begin. Here are a few tips to help YOU stick to your New Years resolution this year 🙂   Start out with smaller goals– by January 14th set a goal to lose 1 pound, starting off small helps you stick to your overall goal and keeps you from getting side tracked and discouraged. Make one change at a time– this week get yourself to go to the gym at least 4 times and then next week go for 5. Also while making a healthy change to one meal at a time. Don’t completely cut out anything– by telling yourself you cannot have sweets or no chocolate for a month you’ll end up craving it even more, to satisfy that sweet tooth allow your self a small treat every other day. Then the next week try to go every 2 days without having one. Write your goals down– when you specifically write down your goals you are much more likely to stick to them and hold yourself accountable for them. Do it with a friend– find it hard to motivate yourself to make healthier eating habits or going to the gym? Go with a friend and pick the healthy option together, doing it with one another helps you hold each other accountable 🙂 Don’t beat yourself up– if one you have an off week or didn’t reach your goals don’t get... read more

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Feeling a little discouraged after how much you may have indulged during Thanksgiving?? Well no need to worry there are a few easy swaps that can be made for the holiday celebrations to come 🙂 Skip the dips made of sour cream, try yogurt based dips or hummus Try cutting back on the alcohol and go for a drink wine spritzer Instead of mashed potatoes, go for roasted sweet potatoes Go for the white meat of the turkey instead of the dark meat To satisfy your sweet tooth- eat pumpkin pie (you’re even getting lots of vitamin A, calcium, and iron) Avoid canned cranberry sauce & high fat gravy, try whole cranberry relish instead Roasted veggies (green beens, brussels sprouts, carrots) instead of Green bean casserole Spiced cider instead of Eggnog With these easy swaps you won’t have to worry about any holiday weight gain! In addition to this: Keep up with your exercise plans & routines Before celebrating get your butt to da gym to feel a little less guilty about that 2nd or 3rd slice of pie (lol) Go for a family walk or hike with your dogs Play touch football with your cousins I hope everyone has a happy holiday!  xx,... read more

Get Moving to Manage Finals Stress

Are finals leaving you feeling beyond stressed and overwhelmed??  With the homestretch ahead of us and finals quickly approaching most people’s stress level is through the roof- I know mine is. Instead of using finals week as an excuse to skip the gym- use it as your motivation!! When you get your sweat on you are releasing endorphins that will leave you happier, less stressed, and able to more efficiently study. Try out this great cardio workout in order to combat that stress 🙂 Start with a 1 mile warmup at a jog pace (5-6 mph) for 1 min run at speed 8-10 mph (depending on how hard you can push yourself) 1 min reduce speed back down to 3.5 mph on a 12% incline repeat for a total of 30 mins 5 min cool down on stationary bike Other things to keep in mind while your stress level is high Automatically we want to reach for something sweet when we feel like we are under pressure. Instead of going for the cookies and candy, try choosing something that actually has nutritional value and will allow you to efficiently study better/ longer. When you eat sugary sweets you aren’t fueling your body, but when you feed it with something that is nutritious you are giving it the energy it needs. Here are some easy snacks to substitute for the candy 🙂 Apple with peanut butter Greek yogurt topped with your favorite cereal (cinnamon toast crunch, fruit loops, captain crunch) Pretzels with peanut butter or hummus Rice cake with avocado/greek yogurt/ chocolate hazelnut spread half an avocado with salt  2... read more

Preparing for Formal

Want to look #onpoint and #bomb at your upcoming sorority formal?? Here are a few easy tips to follow to help you looking and feeling your best 🙂 A few days prior eliminate processed foods (fried food, soda, processed meats, chips, & sweets) Cut down on sodium intake Don’t drink carbonated beverages Try not to eat as much gluten- swap the sandwich for a salad loaded with veggies and a healthy protein Some things to incorporate: Drink tons of water (preferably with a lemon) Spend just 10 extra minutes at the gym to get that extra sweat in Make sure you get in that full 8 hours of beauty sleep Eat extra veggies and lean protein The day of formal there are a few foods to stay away from to avoid bloating: dairy apples lentils any salty foods broccoli, cabbage and kale (what a bummer lol) There are also certain foods that will help with bloat: cucumbers bananas papaya asparagus yogurt with probiotics (helps with digestion) peppermint and camomile tea All of these tips will leave you feeling #bomb and #onpoint. Now you’re ready to kill it on the dance floor 🙂 xx,... read more

Create your own happiness

I just attended a very inspirational talk by Dr. Erin Foley at my school- it was about empowering sisterhood. A lot of what she said resinated with me. Here are a few of my favorite points she made: Many people today rely on others to make them happy and I used to put my happiness in the hands of others, but you will truly only be happy when you create it YOURSELF. Start by doing something that invigorates you and cultivates your strengths. Find an activity that interests you and makes you feel alive. Once you find what makes you feel the strongest, you will find yourself in the happiest place in your life. This enlightenment feels like freedom. It is key to pay attention at the end of your day to what makes you feel happy or what is making you feel drained.   BE CONFIDENT and trust yourself- each day I want all of you to tell your self three qualities you like about yourself, and go into the day with this mindset. Lift up the people around you, motivating others will in-turn motivate yourself. People may think I’m crazy when they see me at the gym at 7:30 in the morning but thats what makes me happy and at the gym I feel in the zone; Dr. Foley would call this my hot track. Go into tomorrow feeling a little more confident about yourself 🙂 xx,... read more