Get Moving to Manage Finals Stress

Are finals leaving you feeling beyond stressed and overwhelmed??Β  With the homestretch ahead of us and finals quickly approaching most people’s stress level is through the roof- I know mine is. Instead of using finals week as an excuse to skip the gym- use it as your motivation!! When you get your sweat on you are releasing endorphins that will leave you happier, less stressed, and able to more efficiently study. Try out this great cardio workout in order to combat that stress πŸ™‚ Start with a 1 mile warmup at a jog pace (5-6 mph) for 1 min run at speed 8-10 mph (depending on how hard you can push yourself) 1 min reduce speed back down to 3.5 mph on a 12% incline repeat for a total of 30 mins 5 min cool down on stationary bike Other things to keep in mind while your stress level is high Automatically we want to reach for something sweet when we feel like we are under pressure. Instead of going for the cookies and candy, try choosing something that actually has nutritional value and will allow you to efficiently study better/ longer. When you eat sugary sweets you aren’t fueling your body, but when you feed it with something that is nutritious you are giving it the energy it needs. Here are some easy snacks to substitute for the candy πŸ™‚ Apple with peanut butter Greek yogurt topped with your favorite cereal (cinnamon toast crunch, fruit loops, captain crunch) Pretzels with peanut butter or hummus Rice cake with avocado/greek yogurt/ chocolate hazelnut spread half an avocado with saltΒ  2... read more

Leg Circuit

Looking for a great Leg Circuit routine?? Click on the video below to check out one of my favorites! IMG_5306.MOV do each exercise 12 times and try to complete 4 sets with as little rest as possible to get the most out of this workout πŸ™‚   xx,... read more