Hello Everyone!

I know its been quite some time since i’ve posted on here but decided to get back into it! I want to talk about working out and eating right while entering the real world… which was a lot harder than I expected.

So first of all- get into a routine, this has helped me so much! I signed up for a gym membership the first week I moved to NYC. Its super convenient, so I have no excuses haha, its right in the middle of my apartment and my office. In addition to this I try to make a Trader Joe’s run every Sunday (only affordable grocery store in the city), which allows me to plan my dinners for the week & stay on track! I like to buy a lot of veggies and protein to make easy & quick one pan meals! Some of my go-tos lately have been ground turkey with kale, veggies and sweet potatoes… literally could have it every night.

As far as my fitness and health journey since starting my job in August it definitely took a lot of time to get use to and find something that works for me! I quickly realized that I just cannot get my self to workout after work so i’ve committed to the early wake up or i’ll sign up for a class so then it forces me to go (sometimes this is what I need when i’m really not feeling it lol). Working out has never been the hard part for me while adjusting. Getting in a good sweat sesh always makes me feel better and is such a good release from the stress of work. Recently I have signed up for Classpass (highly recommend!!). This keeps every workout different & fun. It allows you to try out all different workouts around the city- I have tried everything from running clubs to resistance training only using bands. The next on my list is to try out this cool trampoline class, who wants to try with me ;)?


HOWEVER- what I struggle with is all the tempting food that surrounds me and the stocked kitchen at Yelp. This is where I had to find something that was sustainable for me, obviously with a lot of trial an error. Honestly it took me a good 6 months to figure out what works for me! In the beginning I was really just indulging, eating out a lot, having a lot of the snacks at work (cheese its, pretzels, chips, ect.). I tried to cook as much as I could but was really just enjoying trying everything the city has to offer, which is totally healthy and normal (all about balance people).

After the first month of this I realized my energy was low, I wasn’t sleeping great and just overall did not feel my best! My body craves nutrient dense foods especially for how much I like to workout- a great diet is the key for seeing the results that you want. I have found a food routine that works really well for me, something sustainable andallows me to treat my self #CHEATDAY. I try to cook dinner 5 or 6 days a week and will go out once or twice a week for dinner (usually on the weekends) for a BOMB meal lol. My guilty pleasures are pizza, fries, burgers, ice cream… the list goes on. You only live once so obviously you need to treat yourself to your favorite foods!



Well I hope this was somewhat helpful hahah! I am going to be posting on here a lot more so get ready :). Look out for a post next week about eating right at work and navigating the stocked kitchen. If you have any questions or comments inbox me or go ahead and follow my instagram account as well!

XX, Fash