Hi all! Ever feel like its impossible to keep up with your fitness & health goals while working a 9-5 job? I have some helpful tips to keep you on track 🙂


Personally, after working all day I never have enough energy to workout after, so I always plan my workouts in the morning! This way I start my day off feeling great and more likely to stick to my workout regiment, I’m not left dreading my workout when 5 o’clock rolls around. I made my workouts a little shorter so I don’t have to wake up so early. Instead of doing an hour workout I’ve cut it down to 45 minutes by taking less rest and by doing intervals. I find this type of training much more time effective and actually gets my heart rate up a lot faster; this type of training keeps you burning more calories throughout the day. Also a great workout to try if you’re in a time crunch are the Bikini Body Guides by Kayla Itsines, its a 28 minute circuit!


  1. Pack lunch! By bringing your own lunch you are less likely to pick the unhealthy options that loom in the cafeteria and you can control your portion size. Also saving money $$$
    • Some easy, healthy lunch ideas:
      • Salad with grilled chicken, or tuna fish with 1/4 cup of cheese, avocado, veggies and fruit (try to stay away from putting lots of nuts or dried fruits on it) drizzle olive oil & balsamic on-top
      • Flatbread wrap (these are 100 calorie wraps) with turkey or grilled chicken, avocado, mustard, lettuce and tomato
      • Brown rice bowl or quinoa (you can buy the microwavable packages so you can heat it up at work) topped with grilled chicken, veggies, and topped with soy sauce
      • Any type of protein (fish, chicken, or steak) with a side of roasted potatoes Vegan-Brown-Rice-Bowl
  2. Bring 2 healthy snacks (around 150 calories each) this will prevent you from resorting to something unhealthy in the vending machine
    • Snack ideas under 150 calories:
      • Apple or banana with a tbsp of peanut butter
      • Carrots, peppers or celery with 2 tbsp of hummus
      • 2 hard boiled eggs
      • Rice cake with at tbsp peanut butter and banana slices, low fat cream cheese or 1/4 and avocado
      • Greek yogurt with a handful or your favorite cerealpeanut-butter-honey-rice-cake-almonds
  3. Take the long way to the bathroom and take the stairs whenever you can- not sitting at your desk all day and getting your blood moving helps wake you up and not feel sluggish
  4. Practicing good posture while sitting at your desk! Try not to slump over and keep your back up straight


Hope this helps keep you motivated to stay on track with your fitness and health goals!

xx, FF