Everyone always wants to look and feel their best while rocking that new bikini over spring break. Not feeling quite as confident as you would like to- no problem! With some dedication and hard work in the next 2 months you’ll be able to flaunt that new bikini with complete confidence 🙂

  1. First, you must set a goal (like you want to lose 5 pounds) then break it up into a more manageable, less scary number. Instead, set a goal of losing at least 1/2 a pound a week.
  2. An easy adjustment to make is to cut out all sugary drinks and really just stick to water. Hydration is key.
  3. Next, recruit a workout buddy, preferably someone else going on spring break who will be eIMG_0858equally motived as you. This will make you accountable to someone- because when you skip a workout you aren’t only letting down yourself, but also your friend.
  4. Make an upbeat playlist that gets you excited to workout
  5. Go window shopping– find your dream bathing suit that maybe you aren’t ready to wear yet, but is your end goal. Its great motivation and gives you something to strive for.
  6. Working out is a big factor in this- add just 5 minutes to your workout each day, even if it doesn’t sound like much by the end it will make a difference
  7. Lastly, nutrition is where you really need to change up your habits to see a difference.
    • limit sweets/desserts to once a week as your treat
    • snack smarter- don’t just grab whatever is convenient, pick something that is nutritional and will satisfy you like a greek yogurt with some granola, or a piece of fruit with a tbs of peanut butter
    • leave a little on your plate- just because its there doesn’t mean you need to finish it, eat slower so you aren’t eating past the point of being full, it takes a while for your brain to realize you are satisfied

Hope all these tips leave you feeling confident in that bikini you have your eye on 🙂

xx, FF