The New Year always has us reevaluating our selfs and what we can do different in the coming year. For a lot of us, we set goals for our health, fitness and nutrition but find it overwhelming where to even begin. Here are a few tips to help YOU stick to your New Years resolution this year 🙂


  1. Start out with smaller goals– by January 14th set a goal to lose 1 pound, starting off small helps you stick to your overall goal and keeps you from getting side tracked and discouraged.
  2. Make one change at a time– this week get yourself to go to the gym at least 4 times and then next week go for 5. Also while making a healthy change to one meal at a time.
  3. Don’t completely cut out anything– by telling yourself you cannot have sweets or no chocolate for a month you’ll end up craving it even more, to satisfy that sweet tooth allow your self a small treat every other day. Then the next week IMG_0261try to go every 2 days without having one.
  4. Write your goals down– when you specifically write down your goals you are much more likely to stick to them and hold yourself accountable for them.
  5. Do it with a friend– find it hard to motivate yourself to make healthier eating habits or going to the gym? Go with a friend and pick the healthy option together, doing it with one another helps you hold each other accountable 🙂
  6. Don’t beat yourself up– if one you have an off week or didn’t reach your goals don’t get discouraged, use it as motivation to train even harder and eat even cleaner!
  7. Get support– don’t be afraid to tell others about your goal, they can provide support and help you stay on track. If you are feeling like giving up they can ensure that you don’t give up!
  8. Review your progress– break it down in stages so you can track your progress, this allows you to look back and make changes and adjustments to help you reach your goal.
  9. And don’t forget to celebrate– this doesn’t mean with a big slice of cake, instead go buy that pair of jeans you couldn’t fit in before, it’ll feel 10X better and keep you even more motivated to keep on going!

I hope these tips are helpful and keep you motivated!! Remember train like a beast, look like a beauty 🙂

xx, FF