Feeling a little discouraged after how much you may have indulged during Thanksgiving?? Well no need to worry there are a few easy swaps that can be made for the holiday celebrations to come 🙂

  • Skip the dips made of sour cream, try yogurt based dips or hummusroasted-sweet-potatoes-with-pumpkin-seeds
  • Try cutting back on the alcohol and go for a drink wine spritzer
  • Instead of mashed potatoes, go for roasted sweet potatoes
  • Go for the white meat of the turkey instead of the dark meat
  • To satisfy your sweet tooth- eat pumpkin pie (you’re even getting lots of vitamin A, calcium, and iron)
  • Avoid canned cranberry sauce & high fat gravy, try whole cranberry relish instead
  • Roasted veggies (green beens, brussels sprouts, carrots) instead of Green bean casserole
  • Spiced cider instead of Eggnogvegan-pumpkin-pie

With these easy swaps you won’t have to worry about any holiday weight gain!

In addition to this:

  • Keep up with your exercise plans & routines
  • Before celebrating get your butt to da gym to feel a little less guilty about that 2nd or 3rd slice of pie (lol)
  • Go for a family walk or hike with your dogs
  • Play touch football with your cousins

I hope everyone has a happy holiday!

 xx, FF