Want to look #onpoint and #bomb at your upcoming sorority formal?? Here are a few easy tips to follow to help you looking and feeling your best 🙂

  • A few days prior eliminate processed foods (fried food, soda, processed meats, chips, & sweets)
  • Cut down on sodium intake
  • Don’t drink carbonated beverages
  • Try not to eat as much gluten- swap the sandwich for a salad loaded with veggies and a healthy protein

Some things to incorporate:

  • Drink tons of water (preferably with a lemon)
  • Spend just 10 extra minutes at the gym to get that extra sweat in
  • Make sure you get in that full 8 hours of beauty sleep
  • Eat extra veggies and lean protein

The day of formal there are a few foods to stay away from to avoid bloating:

  • dairy
  • apples467010309_XS
  • lentils
  • any salty foods
  • broccoli, cabbage and kale (what a bummer lol)

There are also certain foods that will help with bloat:

  • yogurt-maskell-slide400x500cucumbers
  • bananas
  • papaya
  • asparagus
  • yogurt with probiotics (helps with digestion)
  • peppermint and camomile tea

All of these tips will leave you feeling #bomb and #onpoint. Now you’re ready to kill it on the dance floor 🙂

xx, FF