I just attended a very inspirational talk by Dr. Erin Foley at my school- it was about empowering sisterhood. A lot of what she said resinated with me. Here are a few of my favorite points she made:

Many people today rely on others to make them happy and I used to put my happiness in the hands of others, but you will truly only be happy when you create it YOURSELF.


  • Start by doing something that invigorates you and cultivates your strengths. Find an activity that interests you and makes you feel alive.
  • Once you find what makes you feel the strongest, you will find yourself in the happiest place in your life.
  • This enlightenment feels like freedom. It is key to pay attention at the end of your day to what makes you feel happy or what is making you feel drained.



BE CONFIDENT and trust yourself- each day I want all of you to tell your self three qualities you like about yourself, and go into the day with this mindset. Lift up the people around you, motivating others will in-turn motivate yourself.

People may think I’m crazy when they see me at the gym at 7:30 in the morning but thats what makes me happy and at the gym I feel in the zone; Dr. Foley would call this my hot track.

Go into tomorrow feeling a little more confident about yourself 🙂

xx, FF