It’s safe to say that these have become my new obsession! They are so delicious and easy to make, there are also countless toppings and sauces you can top them with to hide the fact that you are actually eating a plate full of vegetables 🙈

Directions (serves 1):

  1. peel and wash one zucchini, then use your spiralizer to make it into noodle form
  2. pat down dry so when you cook them they don’t get soggy
  3. heat up pan with a little olive oil and garlic (medium heat)
  4. throw in your delicious zoodles 🙂IMG_3968
  5. add in salt, pepper and garlic powder
  6. stir occasionally for about 10 minutes
  7. top with either pesto, olive oil, or marina sauce// add fresh veggies or protein for a little added flavor

then ENJOY, you’ll be wanting to have this meal for breakfast (with a poached/ fried egg), lunch and dinner everyday !


xx, FF